Bottler Profile: Meet Dori Rotert

TR bottler Dori RotertDori is a jack of all trades at Templeton Rye. She can be found bottling, labeling, boxing, and stacking the pallet. She “helps where ever she is needed.”

She plays the same role at the bowling alley in Manning as a cook, a waitress and bartender, as well as working at Lori’s Flowers in Manning. She couldn’t tell us her favorite color and responded “I work with flowers, remember.” Dori’s hobbies include bowling, crafting, reading short stories, and playing games with her family.

Dori lists her sister Dawn as her hero. She says Dawn is a very brave and strong person who is struggling with cancer for seven years while raising four children. Dori says that Dawn taught her to live each day to the fullest and enjoy life. She inspires her to try things she has never done before. Dori hopes that she is her sister’s “rock” as much as Dawn is hers.

Other fun things to know about Dori include:
Birthday: March 21st
Person she would like to have dinner with: Princess Diana
Favorite food: Prime Rib (rare) with lobster.
Favorite way to drink Templeton Rye: On the rocks with Diet Mountain Dew

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