Bottler Profile: Meet Rick Gute

Rick GuteRick is a man of few words, but of great importance to Templeton Rye. At the distillery, you are most likely to find Rick at the filler topping off the bottles and corking them before they are labeled.

Rick was born on August 17th, 1964. His previous occupation was in industrial maintenance. Rick’s hobbies include hunting and fishing. He especially enjoys hunting for coyotes (thanks Rick, for helping our pheasant population) and fishing for bass.

Growing up, Rick was told stories of a great uncle bootlegging the original “Good Stuff.” He has enjoyed learning other TR stories while working for Templeton Rye because Rick is a local history buff. He often employs one of his favorite pieces of advice which is to “trust, but verify.” Rick calls Thomas Edison one of his heros, but when asked what one person, dead or alive, he would like to have dinner with, he said his grandfather.

Rick’s favorite way to drink TR is on ice or mixed with Limeade.

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  1. rick gute Says:

    Nice to meet another rick gute.

    I will have to come and have a drink of rye with you some day.

    Rick Gute

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