Bottler Profile: Meet Mox Irlmeier

Mox IrlmeierMox Irlmeier is the youngest of 12 children. He raised seven of his own children who have, in turn, given him 20 grandchildren. Mox is responsible for making and packing the boxes at the Templeton Rye distillery. Mox’s previous occupation was a farmer and a meat cutter, which would explain why he lists working with meat as one of his hobbies along with gardening and watching ball games.

Mox is a fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes and Detroit Tigers and insists that he doesn’t have a favorite color — in fact, he says he likes them all equally. (He’s color blind.) One of the mottos he lives by is: “Never put something where you can’t see it, or it may get lost.” Mox lists Bob Feller as one of his heros. His favorite way to drink The Good Stuff is straight with a water chaser.

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  1. Jim Hofman Says:

    Hi, this is Jim Hofman from Naperville IL. Great story about Mox … a fun read!

    We’ll be doing a feature on Iowa wineries later this year at our wine travel site http://www.winetrailsusa.com and we’ll be sure to mention Templeton Rye as being an Iowa tradition!

    Just wondering if you’re in any of the downtown Naperville establishments yet. I can’t seem to find Templeton Rye at any of them. Maybe see if Judge and Dolph can get you into Jimmy’s Grill in the heart of downtown?

  2. Templeton Rye Says:

    Hello, Jim! Thanks for reading our blog and it is great to hear from you. Currently, TR is available in the following Naperville establishments:

    Potter’s Place: 29 W Jefferson
    Raffi’s 5th: 200 E 5th ave
    The Naperville Country Club
    Breaktime Family Bill: 1550 N RT 59

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