Bottler Profile: Meet Pat Zubrod

Pat and her husband Meryln are two of the original Templeton Rye employees. If you are a fan of The Good Stuff, you would probably recognize Pat’s handwriting as she fills out the batch, barrel and bottle numbers on the back of each bottle.

Pat ZubrodPat was born on the south side of Des Moines and previously worked as a clerk at Templeton Savings Bank. Her main hobby is sewing, where she makes baby blankets for every single baby born at Manning Hospital. Amazingly, Pat is self-taught in the art of sewing and also makes baptismal gowns out of used wedding dresses. Our Iowa Magazine recently featured her work in a segment called “Iowa Go-Getters.”

Pat’s favorite food is spaghetti and she is most likely to be found at home cleaning on a Saturday afternoon. She lists her brother as her hero, adding “He went through a lot in his short life but was always helping someone, even me.”

Pat and Merlyn have two dachshunds, Penny and Molly and her favorite color is red. As a non-drinker, all she can say about the difference between Templeton Rye and the bootleg recipe is that Templeton Rye is legal.

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