TR stories: A run-in with Capone’s driver at the mortuary

Jim Schumburg of Rockford, Iowa, talks about meeting Al Capone’s driver at a mortuary in the 1960s, and the ties back to Templeton Rye Whiskey.

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  1. Rob Fiedler Says:

    Interesting story, notice my last name!

    My Grandfather JC Fiedler tended bar at the local Eagles lodge in Muscatine during Prohibition and ,my father, Bob his son, told me the story about going with his father to the middle of the Mississippi at night in a boat and transferring wooden boxes full of “stuff” and taking it back to the club. He mentioned one time of meeting some men in a big old Packard auto with Illinois plate just accross from Muscatine and helping his father load up more wooden boxes with “stuff.”

    Rob Fiedler

  2. chad abbott Says:

    Thanks for how you run your business it is nice to see that you can treat your employees like they are all family. I would like to tell you how I came to start drinking templeton rye . I was at a wine tasting thing they had at the hy-vee store . I was tasting the wines and having a nice time . Then I came to a bench that had your whiskey and I thought why not I will try it . I was not a big whiskey drinker but I love your whiskey now and have had lots of people try it that had not knew about it right here in Iowa and Illinois . I will continue to promote your whiskey and pray for its success . chad abbott . Moline , Illinois

  3. Jason Walsmith Says:

    Hello Rob – Thank you so much for sharing your story. Would you mind emailing me (jason@templetonrye.com) your contact info. I would like to talk to you about doing an interview for the archive project. Thanks, Jason

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