Happy 80th birthday to Master Distiller Meryl Kerkhoff

meryls80th_4Templeton Rye President Scott Bush and Master Distiller Meryl Kerkhoff

Eighty years ago, when bootleg Templeton Rye was in the height of its
production, a very important event happened in tiny Templeton, Iowa. Our
Master Distiller, Meryl Kerkhoff, was born and started a course of
history that would eventually bring The Good Stuff to your glass.

A large group of friends and family came together at the VFW in Manning,
Iowa on Saturday night to celebrate. There was plenty of Templeton Rye
being poured, as well as the traditional cold sandwiches, potato salad,
beans, baked goods and enough birthday cake for the entire town.
Meryl is a living treasure for our company and everyone who knows him.
Happy Birthday, Meryl!

meryls80th_1Pictured from left to right: Distillery Manager Kevin Boersma, President Scott Bush, Master Distiller Meryl Kerkhoff, Assistant Master Distiller Keith Kerkhoff and Creative Director Jason Walsmith

meryls80th_3Pictured from left to right: (front) Dan Kerkhoff, Scott Kerkhoff, Ron Kerkhoff (back) Keith Kerkhoff, Mary Bertelsen, Imelda Kerkhoff, Meryl Kerkhoff and Marty Kerkhoff


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  1. Nuke Says:

    Happy Birthday Meryl!
    Live long and prosper, oh and keep up the good work!

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