Bottler Profile: Meet Virginia “Gin” Knobbe

Virginia “Gin” Knobbe is one of the original Templeton Rye bottlers and the quiet leader of the group. Gin was born on October 27th and worked as a telephone operator prior to joining Templeton Rye.


Gin enjoys bowling and playing cards. She also is a volunteer teacher of “Speak Up” at Adams Elementary School. Gin lists her father as her hero and is most likely to be found at home on a Saturday afternoon. She enjoys steak and her favorite way to drink Templeton Rye is in an Old Fashioned. Gin recalls her dad telling her about a farmer who had and old high-wheeled wagon parked in the middle of his yard that had three barrels of Templeton Rye stored in it. The Reveneurs came to investigate the farmer but could not find a still or any of The Good Stuff. They proceeded to have a long visit with the farmer prior to departing, leaning up against the wagon the whole time.

Gin’s favorite piece of advice is “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.”

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  1. Dan Tompkins Says:

    I’m from back east, in Northern Virginia. I just got back from Breda to attend the funeral for Aunt Felicity, Ginny’s sister-in-law. We missed seeing Aunt Virginia who couldn’t attend because of some health issues.

    I remember hearing stories about Templeton Rye from aunts and uncles growing up. Hope things are going well in Templeton now that you’re all legit!

    You should market the stuff to ABC stores here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With the rich Prohibition back story, the legendary endorsement and mystique of Al Capone, and the stellar reviews of the product, it would be an easy sell.


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