Low & Slow BBQ book release party


Last night I had the pleasure of sponsoring a BBQ book release party for one of Chicago’s famous BBQ experts Gary Wiviott. Paramount Room  (415 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL) graciously hosted the event.  Paramount Room featured classic cocktails made with Templeton Rye, along with Paramount’s own creations The Daisy and the Carroll County Fair Sour.  

Gary teamed up with author Colleen Rush to share his impeccable attention to detail and his gift for keeping it simple.  Colleen waded through Gary’s boisterous personality and helped breakdown his methods and expertise.  This book breaks down the basic techniques of BBQ and will make any novice into a pro.  Gary also shares some of is time tested recipes for sauce, rubs and all things BBQ. It was a great night and I had the opportunity to talk with some of Chicago’s media and some of Gary’s companions at LTH Forum.  

I think everyone is excited for warm weather BBQ and refreshing Templeton Rye drinks this summer.  Please feel free to create some of your own cocktails this summer and share them with us.  Bartenders all over the country are enjoying the spicy notes of Templeton and combining them with fresh and interesting ingredients.  

Happy tippling,

Michael Killmer, Brand Manager

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