A summer recipe straight from Utah

Scott Wegner from Salt Lake City, Utah, sent us a TR cocktail recipe for a concoction he created last spring called The Wall Street. He wrote us again this spring to share this story and remind everyone that The Wall Street makes for a great summer cocktail.

To those at Templeton Rye,

I have been drinking Templeton Rye for over a year now and continue to enjoy every sip. I grew up in Des Moines but now live in Salt Lake City. A few of my lucky friends have had the opportunity to try Templeton and fell in love. Unfortunately I can’t get Templeton in Utah so every trip home to Iowa I “bootleg” as many bottles as I can back to Utah. My friends demand for your whiskey far surpasses what I can fit in my suitcase. Anyhow, I work as a bartender and this is a recipe I invented and everyone seems to enjoy, especially during the summer. Hopefully in the future Templeton will be available in Utah so I can pour my favortie whiskey for my bar patrons and not just friends at my house. I hope you enjoy my recipe…

Scott Wegner

Click here to view Scott Wegner’s recipe for The Wall Street.

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