Jeff Allen’s Templeton Still Life

jeff_allens_tr_still-life1“Templeton Still Life” by Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen of Solon, Iowa, recently shared his Templeton Rye inspired painting entitled “Templeton Still Life” on our Facebook Wall. We thought it was really cool and wanted to share it with all of you. Jeff explains the story behind the painting and his inspiration below. Enjoy!

When I was working on set up for the Templeton Rye painting, I was looking for objects that represented travel and adventure, exploring places that lie far from the run-of-the-mill tourist traps that most people visit. What would such a traveler take along with him? What would remind him of home, of the familiar in an unfamiliar place? That’s where the Templeton Rye comes into the picture. Templeton Rye represents an old friend; a traveling companion who’s never out of reach and reminds the traveler to stop and enjoy the best life has to offer.

For the composition of the painting, I placed objects that one would normally take along on a long trip on top of a wooden ammo box (my daughter picked it up at a garage sale). The hat and camera are common accessories for most travelers. The vase adds a touch of class to a bare-bones motel room and it adds a touch of mystery, makes you ask, “Why would someone bring a simple brass vase along on a trip? Maybe he’s not be traveling alone?” I wanted the viewer’s eye to move around the painting and have the viewer’s mind ask questions.

I painted this still life over the course of about a month. I set up the still life in my studio under cool north light where I could leave it up without being disturbed. I prefer the solitude of my studio with only the company of my German Shepherd, Tanner, when I paint. And, of course, a tumbler of Templeton Rye when I’ve done.

Thank you for sharing your story, Jeff. Do you have a Templeton Rye inspired creation that you would like to share with us? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments below, or post your photos or video to our Facebook Page.

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  1. David Shields Says:

    Allen you may be the person who worked on Stevie G’s or (Gulbranson’s ) stone city band’s album done in 2001 Ive been trying to reach him he is a good friend from 60′s.I would appreciate if you put us in touch, your name is on the cd however there are lots of jeff allen’s in this world

    By the way I am a painter also and really liked your rye and hat painting, are you able to sell in this econom Good Luck David Shields

    ps any other paintings on web

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