Terry’s bottle of The Good Stuff


Terry Wessel of Carpentersville, Illinois, shared his story with us about a bottle of The Good Stuff that was gifted to him by his good friend Don Burkett of Algonquin, Illinois, in celebration of Terry’s recovery after a successful but serious heart surgery. Don is an amateur photographer who enjoys sharing his vision and experiences with others. He wanted the bottle of Templeton Rye to develop some character before giving it to Terry, so he took it on a road trip and documented the bottle’s adventures, sending the photos to Terry during his recovery.

Below are few photos from the bottle’s adventures. Follow the entire journey of Terry’s bottle and see more images from Don’s galleries here. We’re glad to hear that Terry is feeling better and wish him a full recovery.

“The boys at the Carpentersville Fire Department thought this whole thing was great fun and contributed both the equipment and some great ideas to the project.” – Don Burkett

“Since rye whiskey is aged in charred oak barrels, I couldn’t resit a shot with the bottle sitting inside the hollow of an old tree.” – Don Burkett

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  1. James P Brinker Says:

    from the book “West of Hue-Down the Yellow Brick Road” by James P Brinker grandson of CF & Mayme Bock Templeton IA. Second printing due 2010 Booksurge Publishing

    “Part of the military process was to discover anything about our past criminal records if any. We Iowans had an excellent record until one guy from our group asked if we had to mention being caught with possession of liquor as a minor. An arrogant corporal with an “Arkie twang asked evryone to raise their hands if they had ever been caught drinking. Virtually all the Iowans raised their hands. The corporal said, “Don’t yuose nawthenaars have any hallaar tree to hide youse licker”

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