Hard to find? Or just not looking in the right places?


Hey folks, Jason Walsmith here. “Hard to find, just not looking in the right places.” This was a text I received from a friend last week accompanied by the above image. I replied, “Where did you find all that TR?” and he said “In the dining room of my restaurant.” I will keep the location anonymous, so they aren’t ransacked in the middle of the night by thirsty Templeton Rye fans, but I would like to use this as an illustration that there is Templeton Rye out there – you just have to look for it, and luckily, our fans know that Templeton Rye tastes better when shared. By now, everyone is getting into the habit of checking the shelves of the stores where they procure their whiskey. At any time, if you see a few bottles on the shelves, you mentally check your inventory and pick up a bottle if you’re running low. You might buy two bottles, so you can give one to a friend as a gift and save one for that special occasion that’s coming up.

One of the biggest trends we continue to see on Facebook and Twitter amongst Templeton Rye fans is their willingness to help other fans find The Good Stuff. If you’re on Twitter, you might have noticed Templeton Rye Twitter fans using what’s called a hashtag in their updates that looks like this: #TRspotting(s). This hashtag tells Templeton Rye fans that they’ve spotted a bottle (or multiple bottles) of Templeton Rye at their local grocery or liquor store. Sometimes fans even include photos in their tweets to prove that it’s on the shelves. The same trend has carried over to Facebook, allowing fans of our Facebook fan page to easily locate Templeton Rye when their stock is running low.


These days, if a person finds more than one bottle at any given location, they might feel inclined to buy it all. I understand that many of you are afraid that we might run out, and you won’t be able to get your supply of “The Good Stuff.” I just want to remind you that we will not run out. We have a steady and growing supply. I would also like to remind you that Templeton Rye does indeed taste better when shared. That applies to a single bottle amongst friends, or leaving a bottle or two behind the next time you find the motherload at your retailer of choice. It’s kind of like leaving a pile of dry firewood at the campsite in the woods for the next cold and wet campers that happen upon it in need of warmth. Spread the love.

Jason Walsmith

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