Iowa allocation forecast: The light at the end of the tunnel

Dear friends,

Greetings from Templeton. We are a ways into a long winter here in Iowa, but spring is in sight and it is officially 2010, the year when our expanded inventory starts to come on-line.

As many of you know, our product is aged in oak barrels for more than four years so we are only able to sell today what we distilled in 2006. We refused to rush our product or sacrifice quality, which has led to a long game of hurry-up-and-wait.

We started to expand production at the end of 2006 and that product begins to come on-line late this year. The bad news is that inventory will continue to be very lean until then. The good news is that we hope and expect to have a much larger and more stable inventory in place for Iowa and Illinois in time for Christmas and after the first of next year.

Until then, we will continue to ask for your patience. We currently sell about 70% of our product in Iowa and will continue to send product to the State Liquor Warehouse each month. You can see our actual Iowa case allocation for 2010 and early 2011 below. And, yes, we’ll be giving thanks in November that December and beyond looks much better.


Thank you all for your continued support. We are just getting started and are very excited about the future of Templeton Rye.

All the best,
Scott Bush
President, Templeton Rye

13 responses to “Iowa allocation forecast: The light at the end of the tunnel”

  1. Linda Says:

    Can never find it in Council Bluffs, Iowa!!

  2. Paul Comer Says:

    Great product. Good news on future availability. Although I am disapointed when I can’t find a bottle, I appreciate that you have not changed the product in order to make more available sooner. I would rather wait than get anything less than your best.

  3. Tom Sherratt Says:

    I live in Newton, Ia. Where is the closest outlet for the Templeton Rye?

  4. Matt Says:

    If keeping it on the shelves is your biggest problem… I see a very bright future for Templeton Rye. for me it just makes it that much more special when I do find a bottle. and its kind of fun searching around in small town liquor stores looking for it.

    Cheers to Templeton. I am proud to be an Iowan.

  5. Paul Hayden Says:

    We are still eagerly waiting in Missouri for some Templeton Rye!

  6. Joe H Says:

    Thanks, Scott. My friends in Seattle are asking when they can get some more of the good stuff… glad to hear relief is on its way!

  7. Clint Says:

    Linda I always grab some rye at the Hy Vee in Council Bluffs. I grew up in Iowa but now live in Montana and I can almost always find it there when i roll through. Other than that my mom stockpiles it for me while i’m gone lol. We need an outlet in Montana!!

  8. Steve Says:

    Sorry, Clint, but I’m also a good customer at the Hy-Vee in Council Bluffs. They haven’t had TR in a long time. In fact, they have a little sign posted by some of their other Rye’s that they are not expecting any Templeton Rye. Ever since the Omaha World-Herald did that great write up several months ago, they have gotten alot of requests for it. I’m sure it’s been more than a little frustrating for them. I guess that’s why they recently put up that little sign. Seems they are getting asked so much they are getting a little weary with telling their customers they just don’t have it. Since I shop for my whiskeys in Omaha, as well, I also like to ask them if they carry TR. Yeah, yeah . . . I know Nebraska doesn’t get any TR at this time. They just grit their teeth. Always funny that they all mention the same thing. Same story. They have all get requests for it, but Nebraska isn’t shipped any of “the good stuff”. Give the Omaha World-Herald credit. It was a great story. Almost unfair really for Omaha and Nebraska people to get so intrigued with an intesting history behind this rye whiskey, and then they can’t get their hands on it. Appears to be a teaser story. Can’t wait for TR to increase their production!

  9. shaylin Says:

    I live in Waterloo and the Hy-Vee’s here have the “Good Stuff” on a waiting list-they say it is “very long”. I get my TR for me (first and foremost) and for my bar during weekly scavenger hunts around the area at small liquor stores. One of my bartenders had asked where the TR was one night and I said we were out…the whole state was. She told me that the liquor store up the street from her had some. I told her “if you can find it, buy it”. I sent somebody out right then and he came back with 4 bottles. SCORE!!! Now I keep the spots to myself. I have a liquor store that has 3 bottles left. Heading out tomorrow to clean them out! Thank you so much for the “Good Stuff”…for myself and for the success at the pub!

  10. Jeffrey Paul Says:

    Any chance some will make its way to Los Angeles, CA?

  11. Mary Carol Cross Says:

    I too live near Newton, Iowa…am starting now the search for Templeton for my husband’s Christmas Stocking…any help would be greatly appreciated…

  12. Phil Berkenpas Says:

    Been lookin for a jug for months up here in N.W. Iowa (Orange City) No one has had any for “months.” Wondering who will be getting some in our area and when?

  13. Doug Kooyman Says:

    Allocation issues have made Templeton Rye more fun; I am getting my share. I put my name on a list at Hy-Vee; they call me when it comes in. And, my son finds plenty in the Chicago area; he calls me and says dad how many do you want. I do look forward to having it readily available; then maybe I will try cooking with it, making manhattans or other fun ideas. Now all i do is savor the good stuff. Templeton Rye Team – Outstanding Performance, Keep up the Great Work. Doug Kooyman, Pella. Mr Sherratt, just make a trip to Pella, I will help you out.

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