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Boardwalk Empire Yacht Party

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Michael Killmer, Templeton Rye Brand Manager and Brand Ambassador for Chicago, teamed up with HBO and LivingSocial for the Exclusive Boardwalk Empire Season Two Yacht Party in Chicago on Sunday, September 25. The cruise was a ticketed event by LivingSocial with 160 people in attendance.

Fashioned in their finest 1920s-inspired attire, the patrons hopped aboard the Prohibition era cruise to celebrate the return of the Boardwalk Empire series. The luxury yacht from Kanan Cruises was decked out in roaring twenties style with Templeton Rye décor and barrels. As they set sail from Navy Pier, patrons had the chance to participate in a variety of mob-friendly activities. The three-hour yacht party included blackjack instruction in the gambling parlor, cigar-rolling lessons, appetizers, whiskey tastings, a Templeton Rye Manhattan cocktail demonstration and an exclusive sneak peek of the Season 2 premiere.

Patrons were invited to partake in a whiskey tasting where they sipped on samples of Templeton Rye, along with three bourbons, including Woodford Reserve, Bulliet and Buffalo Trace. After the whiskey tasting and education and a viewing of the Boardwalk Empire trailer, they visited Michael Killmer at the Templeton Rye Manhattan demo station (all product provided by Kanan Cruises), where he taught them the history and proper procedure for making the Templeton Manhattan and gave them the opportunity to make their own.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Boardwalk Empire Premiere Party at Star Theater in Science Center of Iowa

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Fans who have been awaiting the return of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire can celebrate the series return by attending a viewing party on September 25 (premiere night) hosted by Templeton Rye. Templeton Rye, from tiny Templeton, Iowa was a favorite of Capone, a major character in the series. “We have several videos and documentation linking Capone to Templeton Rye. It was said to be his drink of choice, ” says Scott Bush, co-founder Templeton Rye.

Not only was Templeton Capone’s drink of choice – it was also a leading favorite among other citizens during prohibition. According to a Chicago Tribune article dated January 16, 1933, the renowned Templeton was “second only in popularity to raw alcohol and near beer.”

The Boardwalk Empire viewing party will take place at the 50′ Star Theater at the Science Center of Iowa and all proceeds will benefit SCI. “We are very excited about the event. Templeton Rye is a great Iowa product and SCI looks forward to this partnership to help support all the exhibits and programs that Iowans experience every day at SCI,” said Susan Kloewer, Director of Development at the Science Center of Iowa.

The evening begins at 6 pm with cocktails and hors d’ouevres. At 7:30 pm, the theater will show some Templeton Rye videos as ‘Previews’. Then minutes before the season opener of Boardwalk Empire, Scott Bush along with Keith Kerkhoff, Master Distiller will welcome the crowd. “Everyone is so excited about the series this season. We have reason to believe Templeton Rye will be making a guest appearance in at least the first couple of episodes,” said Kerkhoff.

At the event, Templeton will be served in a cocktail called the Nucky, after Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, mayor of Atlantic City who is played in the show by actor Steve Buscemi. “We’re really elated that we could partner with The Star Theater at the Science Center of Iowa and help raise funds for this center that is so much a part of the community,” says Bush. Only 60 tickets are available for the event and will be sold for $25 each. To purchase tickets call Kelly Henry at the Science Center of Iowa at (515) 274-6868 x223.

Mods vs. Rockers 2010

Monday, June 28th, 2010

On Saturday, June 19 we joined our friends from Ton Up Club Chicago and Delilah’s, the best whiskey bar in the world, in celebrating Mods vs. Rockers vintage motorcycle show on Lincoln Ave. The street was lined with Triumphs, Moto Guzzis, BMWs, Vespas and some custom-made choppers. Whatever your style, there was an epic display of bikes on hand.

Our friend Scott Takes of Underground Art Studios in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, thought this would be the perfect place to unveil the new Templeton Rye themed chopper. Scott was commissioned to paint a 124 Cu. Inch custom chopper built by Tim Carlson of Carlson Customs and Repair in Atkins, Iowa. Scott chose an all Templeton Rye custom paint job. The detail work on this bike is incredible. From the perfect bottle shot on the tank, to the TR on the seat, to the likeness of Templeton Rye’s most famous customer on the back fender. You can even kill the lights on the hidden license plate to make it disappear in case the Feds are chasing you while your running your stash. Check out the photos below, and be sure to get your tickets to the third annual Rock & Rye Celebration on July 31, so you can check out this awesome bike first hand.





TR stories: Omaha speakeasy

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Centenarian Art Rix shares a story about taking a trip to Omaha during the prohibition era and how he and his wife ended up at a speakeasy that served Templeton Rye.

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TR stories: The Purple Gang and Al Capone’s private stash of The Good Stuff

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Doug Thompson shares stories about his grandfather, Charles “Red” Thompson, and his connections to the Purple Gang, Al Capone and Templeton Rye during the Prohibition Era.

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TR Cocktail Tutorial: The Capone

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Templeton Rye Brand Manager Michael Killmer demonstrates how to make the classic cocktail The Capone.

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TR stories: Running whiskey for Al Capone

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Ron Hodne from Manning, Iowa, talks about his Chicago connections to Templeton Rye during the Prohibition Era.

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TR stories: Rolling in money

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Larry Brunning talks about his uncle who used to bootleg Templeton Rye into Chicago.

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TR stories: A run-in with Capone’s driver at the mortuary

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Jim Schumburg of Rockford, Iowa, talks about meeting Al Capone’s driver at a mortuary in the 1960s, and the ties back to Templeton Rye Whiskey.

TR stories: Capone’s nighttime visit to Templeton

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Fay Irlbeck Schleisman, a Templeton native, shares the story of Al Capone’s visit to the small town to arrange shipments of TR to Chicago:

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