Al CaponeDeirdre Marie Capone was born in Chicago, Illinois, to one of the most notorious crime families in American history. Her grandfather Ralph Capone was instrumental to supplying the Prohibition-era Chicago speakeasies with a steady flow of "The Good Stuff" – while her great uncle Al Capone was known to enjoy Templeton Rye whiskey as his drink of choice.

As the only remaining member of the Capone family with first-hand knowledge of her family's legacy, Deirdre Marie has chosen to share her story in her book – Uncle Al Capone: The Untold Story from Inside the Family.

At Templeton Rye, we're proud to have hosted Deidre Marie Capone at our facility in Templeton. As she travels the country sharing her story, we can't think of anyone better suited to also share the storied history of Templeton Rye.

For more of the Al Capone story or to purchase her book, please visit Deirdre Marie Capone's website.