Punch up the holidays with Templeton Rye

Punch up the holidays with Templeton Rye

December 01, 2016

Holiday season is fast approaching and with friends and family coming together, you’ll need a tasty drink that everyone will enjoy. That’s where Templeton Rye’s Manhattan Punch comes in. It’s easy to make and delicious to drink. Start with a punch bowl. Using a wide peeler from your kitchen, remove all the peels from 6 lemons and place them in the bottom of the bowl along with a cup of sweet white sugar. Then grab your muddle and press the sugar and lemon peels together. Let them sit for a while as you cut and juice your bare lemons. Once that’s finished, add 10 OZ. of hot black tea to the bowl to melt the sugar that’s coating your lemon peels. Then strain the lemon juice with a tea strainer and add the bottle of Templeton Rye whiskey to the mix. Top your punch off with Angostura bitters and 4 OZ. of Escorial, which you should stir in slowly.

To finish, ice the punch down, pass out your glasses and enjoy the holidays with friends, family and a taste of Templeton Rye.


1                  Bottle of Templeton Rye Whiskey

½ OZ.          Bitters

10 OZ.         Black Tea

6                  Lemons

1 Cup          White Sugar

Muddled Mint Leaves

Based on the prohibition era Kerkhoff recipe.