Stories are being told and Templeton Rye remains a secret no longer. Whether you’re a reporter looking to learn a little more about our operation or a fan wanting to see what’s being said about us, you’ll find all the audio-visual evidence of Templeton Rye’s popularity right here.

Templeton Archive Project

Learn about the history of Templeton Rye whiskey as told by the families who were closest to it. The Templeton Rye team would like to thank all of the folks who were kind enough to share their stories with us. If any of you have a story about Templeton Rye, big or small, please contact us at We are committed to capturing all the stories we can about Templeton Rye and the Prohibition era.

These short preview clips represent just a small taste of the Templeton Rye story. For a deeper pour, please visit our YouTube channel to view the full-length videos.

Captured on Camera

Rock & Rye

An Iowa classic, just like Templeton Rye whiskey, the popular band The Nadas have produced an original song proclaiming their fondness for The Good Stuff.

Bottle of Awards



Earned a second consecutive gold medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Tasting – where more than 1,000 spirits from 58 countries were judged by 30 renowned industry experts.


Earned a gold medal at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Tasting. More than 800 spirits from 60 countries entered the competition, which was judged by 25 renowned industry experts.

Named "Rye Whiskey of the Year" in the 2009 Whiskey Bible by Jim Murray, one of the most well-known tasters in the industry.


Won four top awards at the prestigious Los Angeles Wine and Spirits Competition, which has been held for nearly seven decades. Honors include:

     "Best of American Straight Rye Whiskey"
     "Best of Whiskey"
     "Overall Packaging Design"
     Gold Medal, American Straight Rye Whiskey category

Of the more than 4,000 entries in the competition, Templeton Rye was named "Best Overall Whiskey" and received more awards than any other whiskey.