Week 9 Number


Here at Templeton Rye, we had a lot of ideas about what to do with our 1,000,000th bottle. Should we display it in a museum? Should we auction it off for charity? Should we keep it for our own collection?

In the end, we thought it was best to share it with those who helped us achieve this remarkable milestone – the citizens of our home state of Iowa.

On December 4th, 2013 – the eve of the 80th Anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition – the millionth bottle, with a special nine-digit numeric code printed on it, was shipped to the state warehouse and entered the Iowa distribution system, along with other bottles featuring nine-digit codes. Each week, we will release a portion of the 1,000,000th bottle's numeric code – revealing the full unique numeric sequence on January 17th, 2014 – the same day as Al Capone's birthday.

While people hid the "The Good Stuff" in all kinds of inconspicuous places during Prohibition, the 1,000,000th bottle could be hiding on a store shelf in your hometown or already sitting behind your bar at home. So when you see a bottle with the special nine-digit numeric code printed on the back, be sure to take a closer look.

Think you've found it? Contact us at millionthbottle@templetonrye.com and let us know.

Thanks a million for your enthusiasm over the last seven years!