Templeton Times

July 2015 Newsletter

Hi Folks, It’s Keith Kerkhoff from Templeton Rye.

I am checking in and make sure everyone’s summer is off to a great start. The crops are in the ground here in Iowa and now all we can do is wait and worry. I’ve been farming all my life, and we are looking forward to a great harvest.

Now I have some time to sit back with The Good Stuff and meet some of you Bootleggers. Please check out the upcoming events and drop by and say hello if you are in the area.

We have hosted some great folks the last month in Templeton. On June 7th we had 90 tractors at the facility for the Midwest Iowa Old Iron Club tractor crawl from Carroll to Templeton. I gave them a personal tour and got a chance to look back at some of the antique machines that have been a part of Iowa’s rich farming history.

Last week at The Still we hosted the residents of Templeton for a Bootlegger happy hour. We enjoyed the bites and drinks from Rooster and Shelly told some stories and even got the original bottling crew together for a picture!


A warm Bootleggers welcome to the new storefront on Main Street in Templeton. The old White Elephant Building is now home to Schoeppner Designs. Business owner Alex Schoeppner has been working in his family’s business and has been repurposing our once used barrels into furniture, art, games and display pieces.

Alex grew up in Templeton, and he and his wife Allie raise their three sons, Weston, William, and Wade, here.

123 Main Street Templeton has been called the White Elephant ever since Alex can remember, and in the 1920s housed Schoeppner Motor Co., a Willy’s brand auto dealership, and was owned by Alex’s great, great uncle.


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Based on the prohibition era Kerkhoff recipe.