Why Rye?

As the original American spirit, rye whiskey is the principal ingredient in several famous cocktails – including the Manhattan, the Sazerac and the Old Fashioned. Strong yet splendid, rye whiskey has undergone a major resurgence around the world, based on its rare combination of bold, almost spicy character and clean, smooth finish.

The Production Process

Only dedication to the entire process can achieve the proper balance that gives Templeton Rye its great rye character and surprisingly smooth finish that Jim Murray of the Whiskey Bible described as "a huge, unmistakable rye."

With only a handful in the category of rye whiskey, we strive to be the best among an already unique bunch.

Starting with a formula born out of a family’s need to maintain their livelihood during the Prohibition era, our master distillers utilize the original Kerkhoff family recipe – unique for the remarkably high rye content of its mash. For while today a mere 51 percent of the mash bill must be rye for a whiskey to legally be called a "rye", Templeton Rye uses a mash made up of more than 90 percent rye grains (and malted barley for the remainder).

And while the process has changed some since Prohibition, the unyielding attention to detail hasn’t budged.

For more in-depth details on our production process, please download our Whiskey Fact Sheet and Tasting Notes.

Meet the Team

It takes some fine people to make a product as good as Templeton Rye. Get to know them – and you’ll know who to say a little "thank you" to every time you take a sip.